When and Where to Four Wheel Drive

If you bought a vehicle that is equipped with four-wheel drive (FWD), it seems probable that you are planning to drive through some tough, natural terrain, such as snow, ice, mud, or sand. If this sounds about right, then you must just be itching to embark on your FWD drive adventure. Whether this trip is to one of the many off-roading sites in Michigan, or maybe you just want to be prepared the next time you and your vehicle are knee-deep in mud, keep reading to learn more about the four-wheel drive.

  • Four-High (4H): This is a high range of FWD, and you can use 4H to drive at normal speeds. If you are driving on highways or roads that seem a little rough, use this setting. If the roads are covered in loose gravel or packed with sand or mud, this setting would also be helpful. In other words, 4H is perfect for the times you need extra traction, but still want to drive at normal speeds.

  • Four-low (4L): This is a low-range setting of FWD and should be used when you are ready for some rough riding, which includes heavy snow or mud. If you are planning to be climbing rocks, crossing through water, traveling up or down hills at low speeds, 4L is the setting for you.

  • Automatic FWD: As the name suggests, your car, based on the terrain, will automatically switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. This setting is pretty handy, especially if you aren’t sure how the road conditions will be.


Before you put your key into the ignition and head out, here are a few more safety tips to keep in mind:


  • Still be mindful of the road conditions. FWD does not make your vehicle invincible against ice, snow, or mud, especially if you are driving faster than you should.

  • Pay attention to how much gas you are using. When your vehicle is in FWD, you are using much more gas, seeing as various components of your engine are full-firing.

  • Watch out for your drivetrain. If you use FWD on smooth roads, you may end up damaging your drivetrain.


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