The Many Benefits of Window Tinting

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime, second to only your home. It makes perfect sense that you want to protect it with routine maintenance and service, but what about the exterior and passenger compartment of your vehicle? Window tinting services is an easy, but effective way to protect your vehicle. At Auto & Truck Accessories, we can’t say enough about the window tinting services we offer, as there are numerous benefits. Take a look: 

  1. Window tinting actually acts as a shield for your seats and upholstery against the blinding glare of your sun. It keeps the interior of your vehicle from fading, which means your car can look newer longer. 
  2. Window tinting not only benefits your vehicle, but it can protect your eyes. It decrease eye fatigue caused by the sun or bright headlights. 
  3. Window tinting is incredible, as it can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can think of it as a permanent sunscreen for your vehicle. 
  4. Because a window that is tinted can block up to 35% to 65% of solar heat, window tinting can also keep you cool during those warmer temperatures of Warren. 
  5. Window tinting is even an added level of protection against shattered glass. This film that is applied on your window is designed to make your glass stronger and safer. In case of an accident, passengers are fortunate to have that extra layer of protection. 
  6. Window tinting is all about privacy! With window tinting, prying eyes won’t only not be able to see but also any valuable objects you may have in your car. 

Window tinting is not just used for aesthetic purposes, as there are many benefits to the service, and at Auto & Truck Accessories, we tint your windows quickly and accurately and have back on the roads of Warren, MI in no time. Feel free to drop by Auto & Truck Accessories, or give us a call.  


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