Summer Getaways!

 It’s almost that time of year! And yes; the time will actually come again (hopefully soon) when you can gather up your spouse, children, and the family pets and hit the road! While you may think you have everything you need, Auto & Truck Accessories is here to offer one more item that you may have forgotten to put on your list!  Since you may have everything packed up in the bed of your truck ready to go, there is no better way to make sure that your belongings are secure at rest stops, etc. than to add a tonneau cover to your truck!
    Auto & Truck Accessories located in Warren, Michigan offers a wide variety of tonneau covers for you to pick from. Two of our most popular tonneau covers are Truxport and Trifectas. Our professionals will install the tonneau cover for you in 30 minutes and have you back on the road or heading home to load up your bags and get your summer vacation on its way! So just when you are ready to grab a bite to eat or hit the rest stop, you won't have to worry and will know your belongings are safe in the bed of your truck.
    A lot of people think having a tonneau cover will make a difficult time for grabbing things that may have slid to the back of the truckbed. There are many different types of tonneau covers, such as: soft rolling, soft folding or even hard folding, making it very easy to grab what you need!
       Stop in today, or make an appointment, or take a look at our website to see what tonneau cover best fits your family's needs!
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