Start School in Style with Mobile Entertainment Options

It seems like just yesterday that we were getting ready for summer. Now, we are getting ready for back-to-school season, whether that means preparing for your little one’s first day of kindergarten or sending your oldest off to college. Either way, you can expect to be spending time in the vehicle. To help pass the time and maybe distract you from the bittersweet feeling of watching your little ones growing up, here are some tips and accessories on how to keep your vehicle organized: 

  1. Cup holders can get dirty fast. How about placing a cupcake holder in your cup holder? You can easily remove the cupcake holder when it’s get dirty, while keeping the interior of your vehicle magically clean. 
  2. Do your kids like to color in the car? You can keep all those colored pencils in one place with a handy DVD case. 
  3. Are your headlights looking a little dirty? You some toothpaste and an old toothbrush, and they will be shining bright in no time. 
  4. If your air vents are getting a little musty and dusty, try using a foam craft brush from your local craft store, to keep them clean. 
  5. Are you finding trash all over your car? If your answer is yes, then try a plastic cereal container. It can double as a trash can, and you can easily empty it. 
  6. Put a laundry basket in the trunk. This trick works exceptionally well if you are planning a trip to the grocery store. Put all your groceries in the laundry basket, and it as if you magically have an extra set of hands. 
  7. Utilize the DUHA Under Seat Storage. From emergency kits to coloring books to rifles for hunting season, this storage includes an organizer and a gun rack, meaning it can serve multiple purposes. Plus, it is made from soft material so it won’t damage any of your belongings. 

If you are interested in learning more about the DUHA Under Seat Storage or any other of our interior accessories, feel free to stop by, or give us a call. Not only do we provide accessories of the highest quality, but our team can quickly and accurately install them on your vehicle. 


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