Popular Winter Sports and Accessories That Go With Them

Happy 2018 everybody! We had a great 2017 at Auto & Truck Accessories, and are looking forward to what’s ahead. We’ve got some exciting new stuff going on at the shop, have rolled out our new website, and are ready to get you outfitted for all the adventures that 2018 holds. Whether you’re getting ready to check out Tip Up Town, or need to make sure the winter weather doesn’t stop you from getting any work done, Auto & Truck Accessories has what you need. We’ve seen it all, and have some suggestions about what equipment will make you outlast the weather so that you don’t miss out on anything that life has to offer. You’ll really enjoy life to the fullest when you’ve got all the best equipment for it.


Heated seats are one of our best sellers, unsurprisingly. When you’re coming in from the frigid air, the direct body contact offered by heated seats will take the edge off winter temperatures. Going a step further, a remote start package can get the heated seats going so they’re already fired up when you get in. Plus, it can engage the rest of your climate control too, so it’ll be like stepping into a warm house when you climb into your vehicle. As an added bonus, in the summer you’ll be able to appreciate climbing into a cool vehicle, as a remote starter can get your air conditioning going, too. If you have passengers, you might want to check out our floor liners and seat covers, to cope with the snow, mud, and other bits of Michigan anybody might track in.


You can’t forget about all the equipment you’re bringing along too, so make sure to look at our selection of cargo liners and bed liners. With a good liner, you won’t blink when you’re loading back up, no matter what condition your snowy escapades have your equipment in. Cargo liners are also great if you’re bringing dogs along. If you’re in a pickup, we’ve got a wide selection of covers and caps. Trust us, it’s not worth trying to cram everything in your truck’s cab. Don’t let a fear of the elements prevent you from using your truck’s bed. Get a good cover or cap to accommodate all your gear in any climate, so that you don’t need to limit yourself when you’re deciding what to bring - or at least you won’t need to limit yourself as much!


Of course, for some of the toughest tasks and biggest thrills, the trunk or bed of your vehicle just isn’t enough. Whether it’s snowmobiles or more camping equipment, trailers open up a lot of options for your journeys. Auto & Truck Accessories is ready to get you fitted with a trailer hitch so that you can bring all the tools and toys that you need. But don’t leave yourself in the dark during the short winter days. After a long drive or a long day outdoors, don’t fool around with lanterns or flashlights as you’re trying to unload or load. We’ll install LED lighting on your vehicle to match all of your needs. Whether you want to light up your entire campsite, or all of Tip Up Town, nobody will be afraid of the dark around you!


Whatever voyages await you in the winter, you’re not likely to remember the packing and traveling - that’s not where the fun is. Let Auto & Truck Accessories outfit you properly for your winter excursions, so you can focus on all the best parts. We’ve got a long history of getting people well-equipped. You can count on us to get you the right tools, at the right price, and fast. If you’re not sure what you might need for your coming adventures, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can tell you what’s worked for our other customers, and give you plenty of options that are sure to fit your needs. Don’t let concerns about your vehicle not being up to the mission be something to hold you back in 2018, Auto & Truck Accessories has you covered.


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