How To Make Your Jeep “More Jeep”

Everyone knows that a Jeep isn’t really finished once it rolls off the production line. That’s just the first phase of getting it ready for service. The factory provides a great base to work from, but ultimately the factory can’t complete a Jeep. Only its owner can. And we’re here to help you. We’ve outfitted plenty of Jeeps over the years here at Auto & Truck Accessories, are ready to help you get your Jeep finished.


First will be getting a good top onto your Jeep. Depending on how you plan to use it, we can walk you through the pros and cons of soft canvas tops, versus hard shell tops. A hard top will withstand the tough weather we get in Michigan the best, but make no mistake, we’ve got soft tops that are up to the tough tasks too. And the open road feeling that soft tops can give you is phenomenal. You might consider getting both a hard and soft top, to change out as demanded by your situation.


Whatever adventures you’re getting up to with your Jeep, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to keep your interior in good shape so that your Jeep will last. A Bedrug floor and some Covercraft or Fia seat covers should do an adequate job of making sure you and your passengers can’t make too much of a mess inside. Let the covers absorb the mud and snow, not your Jeep.


If you’ve got some more specialized purposes in mind, we’ve got the right equipment for the job. We can outfit your Jeep with a trailer hitch, so that you can haul all the gear that you need. If you’ll be using all that gear for camping, an LED light bar is fantastic for getting loaded and unloaded. You won’t bother with lanterns or fumbling with flashlights anymore. If you want to get higher, we’ve got lift kits, too.


These are just some of the more popular options that we’ve got at Auto & Truck Accessories. We’ve got plenty more to offer, but we’re also not keen on writing an encyclopedia! So stop by our shop and let us know what you want out of your Jeep. We’ll tell you what’s worked for others and go over your options. Together, we’ll finish you Jeep.



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