How to Best “Beef-up” your Truck

At Auto & Truck Accessories, we are all about “beefing” up our trucks, especially when a certain accessory can enhance the functionality and appearance of your vehicle. At our facility, we have several products you can choose from. Here are few accessories that are destined to beef-up your truck:


  1. Bed Covers: Not only do bed covers enhance your car’s appearance, but they also protect and secure your cargo. They can also boost fuel economy by decreasing drag. Now, we think that is a win-win situation: a functional and appearance-enhancing accessory.

  2. Fender Flares: This accessory is designed to protect your wheels and tires from mud, rocks, and other items you may encounter while out on the road. Fender flares also give you the bold look of pockets. This is another accessory that is both functional and will look great on your truck.

  3. Window Tint: It is practically a given that window tint makes your truck just look that much cooler. But it also has several benefits, including protection from the glare of the sun and privacy. Did you know that tinted windows are even harder to break?

  4. Mud Flaps: Mud flaps will protect your truck from the onslaught of snow, dirt, and mud, and your truck can’t help but look “beefier” with the help of this product.

  5. Chrome Trim: Chrome trim will give your truck a sleek and polished look, while protecting certain aspects of your vehicle.


If you are looking to “beef-up” your truck, Auto & Truck Accessories is your one-stop shop for both the sale and installation of the product. Visit us, and we will make sure your truck is ready to rumble with accessories that will both protect and enhance your truck’s appearance. Call us today at (586) 693-4053, or visit our facility 8154 14 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48093.


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