How Alarms Can Protect Your Automotive Investment

Have you heard this from a friend? "The thief broke my back window, climbed in and broke the shifter. Next, they rolled my car down the driveway where another vehicle was waiting to push it away. The police found my car 2 blocks away stripped clean and left for dead."


For any vehicle owner, one of their worst nightmares is having it stolen. Insurance will give some ability to replace it. However, the time and hassle of shopping for a new vehicle, and then outfitting it with all the same features as your previous vehicle, are not a process that excites most people. You’ve likely spent a significant amount of time acquiring and equipping your vehicle, protect this investment in time and money that you’ve made.


When a car alarm goes off, few burglars are brazen enough to continue trying to break into a vehicle. But even if they’re able to bypass the alarm, or they simply ignore it because there’s nobody else around, there are other measures you can take. A GPS tracker, for example, can help your vehicle be located -- even if your teenager decides to take it without your permission. Many alarm systems come with additional features, such as keyless entry and remote start options. Not only can you add security to your vehicle, you can add convenience at the same time.


If a thief wants your car they are going to get it. But if you know their game, you can plan ahead and make your vehicle the one they pass by. Each alarm we do starts with a blinking light flashing inside the car as the first warning to would-be thieves. With this, we add sensors that are made to react to the most common techniques we have seen. First, a shock sensor alarm will protect your vehicle from hard hits and breaking open doors. Second, and most important, is a glass break sensor that triggers from the sound of glass shattering. This is most important because when they break windows now, it is done without a hard impact so the shock sensor won't pick up the vibration. Finally, there is a tilt sensor. This one goes off when the vehicle is lifted one degree as they try to tow it or jack it up to take the wheels and tires.


There are many car alarm options to choose from. Depending on your vehicle and your needs, we can help you pick out the option that makes the most sense for you and your vehicle. We’ve been helping owners of personal and commercial vehicles make themselves safer for many years now, so we have plenty of experience that will help us assess what fits you the best. Feel free to drop by Auto & Truck Accessories, or give us a call. We’re happy to help!



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