Best Safety Features for Back to School Season

Back to school season is upon us, which means it is time to go back to school shopping, whether your son or daughter is heading off to college or even grade school. From binders to bookshelves, there seems to be something we all need to get this August. But don’t forget about your car or truck, as something as viable as our transportation just can’t be overlooked. At Auto & Truck Accessories, we have several safety features we think would start your school year off on the right foot: 

  1. Car Alarms/Remote Starts: Your vehicle is important to you. A code alarm will minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your car, which may prove vital in the parking lot of your school. When you combine a remote start with a car alarm, you won’t have to deal with those chilly mornings in winter. Instead, you can make your way to a warm and toasty vehicle. 
  2. Tonneau Covers: Maybe you have a lot of precious cargo and worry about leaving it in the back of your truck. From your son’s football equipment to your daughter’s violin, you could have many items in need of protection. That is where a tonneau cover comes in. 
  3. Bluetooth: When you are picking up your son or daughter from school or possibly navigating your campus for the first time, a Parrot Bluetooth Kit can come in handy, as there can be tons of distractions on the road. With this kit, you can control everything from your dashboard. 
  4. Backup Cameras and Sensors: With those tightly-packed parking lots, it can be a challenge to safely maneuver out of your parking spot, in fear of hitting another vehicle or even a fellow student scurrying off to class. With a backup camera or sensor, you can minimize your risk of bumping into something. 

From a Bluetooth to a backup camera or sensor, the team at Auto & Truck Accessories can install any of the accessories discussed above, and with any of those gadgets, your school year is destined to be off to a great start! Feel free to drop by Auto & Truck Accessories, or give us a call. We’re happy to help!


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