Entertainment Options for Road Trips with Your Little Ones

Are you planning a summer roadtrip with your little ones? If your answer is yes, then you might be wondering what can you do to keep them entertained during the long drive, so they aren’t asking you “are we there yet?” every five minutes. The team at Auto & Truck Accessories is here to help, we have several entertainment options for your little ones: 

  1. VOXX Universal Seatback In Vehicle Entertainment System: This system includes several features designed to keep your little ones entertained for hours, such as wireless content streaming for Android and Apple, user intuitive interface, and the ability to download apps. You can easily turn your backseat into a movie theater. We can easily install this product in your vehicle. 
  2. In-car games: From I-Spy to Yellow Cars, there are tons of fun, in-car games for you to play with your kids. These are an easy and entertaining way to keep your childrens’ minds off how long the road trip and instead on enjoying the journey. 
  3. Audiobooks and podcasts: You can download several apps on the VOXX Universal Seatback In Vehicle Entertainment System that offer audiobooks and podcasts. These are an educational and entertaining way to pass the time. 

Bring your vehicle to Auto & Truck Accessories, and we can set you up with a VOXX Universal Seatback In Vehicle Entertainment System. Feel free to stop by, or give us a call. Not only do we provide accessories of the highest quality, but our team can quickly and accurately install them on your vehicle. 


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