The EPA has estimated that a dirty filter can cause a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency. Because performance gauze and paper filters are only 1/16 of an inch thick, the minute you start driving they get dirty, start to clog and restrict air flow causing a loss in performance. True Flow doesn't clog because its reticulated foam construction is 16 times thicker than performance gauze or paper. Reticulated foam allows air to flow around the captured dirt. Unlike filters,True Flow provides great air flow even when it gets dirty.

True Flow Stops more dirt due to its superior foam technology.

Dirt in your engine means lower performance, lower gas mileage and potentially damaging engine wear. True Flow foam air filters stop more dirt than any paper or gauze filters. That's why so many drivers rely on True Flow.

Foam has been used for years in off road applications such as motorcycles, ATVs and Off-Road race vehicles.

True Flow developed an air filter using fully reticulated foam cells and specially formulated tackifier that create an impossible journey for dirt particles to enter your engine. More dirt in your engine means lower performance, lower gas mileage, and engine wear.

See True Flow's legendary performance and protection capabilities by watching the True Flow Air Filter Test. The test proves that True Flow stops more dirt, while performance gauze and paper filters let more dirt get through to your engine.

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